The AVIP Concept

AVIP stands for Attention, Visibility, Interaction and Protection and is our most ambitious initiative to date, promoting safety for road cyclists. POC is a Swedish … read more

The Products

For AVIP, we have challenged ourselves to come up with new products with the goal of supporting a safer ride. Besides developing high performance helmets, which … read more

Research & Innovation

AVIP is a concept that has been created in collaboration with some of the best minds in science, health and technology to redefine the future … read more

Colors & Contrast

For AVIP, we gained valuable knowledge in different fields, such as color, contrast, perception, motion, psychology and anthropology to better understand what we needed to … read more

AVIP Color Palette

The AVIP Color Palette is a cornerstone of AVIP and has been developed to provide optimal visibility and contrast in a road bike environment. Through … read more

POC ICE – In Case of Emergency

POC ICE is a proactive effort to provide medical emergency personnel with correct medical history and information, even if the victim is unconscious. Last time you … read more

AVIP Bike Charity Auction

In celebration of the launch of the AVIP concept, promoting safety for road cyclists, POC will host an online auction to raise money and awareness … read more