POC ICE – In Case of Emergency

POC ICE is a proactive effort to provide medical emergency personnel with correct medical history and information, even if the victim is unconscious.

Last time you crashed on your bike, you got up fine. Or you didn’t, but your friend was there to help you out. What would happen if you were out alone and were knocked unconscious and how long would it take before someone started worrying? And how would they possibly know where to start looking for you?

ICE stands for In Case of Emergency and is recognized all over the world. ICE provides emergency personnel with correct medical history such as blood group, allergies and basic information like name and emergency contact, even if the victim is unconscious.

For AVIP, we have put a strong emphasis to improve the awareness of your place on the road. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, and with POC’s mission to do everything we can to possibly save lives and reduce the consequences of accidents, we have looked at new ways of improving road bike safety.

Helmet construction and design is a critical element in accident safety but our work has also shown that if we could minimize the time before the victim recieves help and provide information needed for correct medical care, we could potentially limit the consequences of accidents.

This new approach lead to the two components of POC ICE, promoting the idea of digital safety with a system composed of a crash sensor and an identification tag, helping the rider to get fast and correct care in case of emergency.

We teamed up with ICEdot to provide the ICEdot Crash Sensor, which reacts to major impacts and alerts your emergency contacts to your accident and location.

ICEdot Crash Sensor
When paired with the ICEdot smart phone app, the crash sensor is able to detect motion, changes in forces and impacts. In the event of critical forces, the device triggers the app to send a message with your GPS position to your pre-selected contacts, unless you stop it within a user defined time interval. This will let your family or friends know you might need help.

If an accident happens and the rider is knocked unconscious, scanning the tag or sending a text with your unique code will allow medical personnel, or passers-by, to identify the victim and get correct medical information such as blood group or allergies that can be vital for correct care.

The ICE Tag is included when ordering the Octal helmet.

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